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Humans Resources:

Companies today need to attract, retain, motivate and reward their most important assets their people.

Avant-Garde Ressources Humaines is a firm of professionals dedicated to building winning teams and ensuring that organizations remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets which force companies to adjust to restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Our expertise can guide you through these periods of significant change and uncertainty for your personnel.

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Team building and work environment improvement programs
  • Strategic human resources planning (merger, acquisition)
  • Organizational development
  • Change management
  • Investigation and consulting on harassment cases in the work place
  • Recruitment and hiring of managers and professionals
  • Compensation : pay equity, salary structures, bonus and retention plans
  • Performance appraisal programs
  • Development of human resources policies and procedures such as: employees manual, hiring and employment contract, psychological harassment, etc.













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