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Avant-Garde Ressources Humaines is a consulting firm dedicated to providing creative and strategic LABOUR RELATIONS and HUMAN RESOURCES results oriented solutions.

Our talented and experienced team has successfully completed high profile projects for many local, national and international corporations.


Pierre d'Anjou, CRHA
General Manager, Advice Service

Mr. d'Anjou holds a bachelor in Industrial Relations as well as a Master in Industrial Relations from the University of Montreal. After some twenty years in human resources and labour relations management positions in major Quebec companies, Mr. Pierre d'Anjou founded, in 1999, Avant-Garde Ressources humaines P.D.A. inc., a human resources and labour relations consulting firm. In 2011, he became principal shareholder and president of Lupien Rouleau Investigation. Within a few years, he acquired a majority stake in Avant-Garde S�curit� inc., Sectek inc. and les Consultants SPI inc. With the merger of Groupe Avant-Garde and its technology division Sectek with Gardium S�curit�, Mr. d'Anjou became Vice-President, and Head of Business Development for the company.






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